Head of Department

Dr. Mercy Mbise

The head of Department,

Computer Science and Engineering,

College of Information and Communication Technologies,

University of Dar es Salaam,

Bagamoyo Road,

P.O. Box 33335,

Dar es Salaam,


Phone No: +255(0) 222700225

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Message from Head of Department

Welcome to the University of Dar es Salaam’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, one of the core academic units of the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT). Other units of CoICT are Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (ETE) as well as the Centre of Virtual Learning (CVL). The department’s core mission is to provide quality teaching, research and public services (Consultancy) in its core disciplines of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems.

CSE being the full-fledged department has a total of 54 academic and technical staff members with PhD, Masters, and Bachelor degree levels of qualifications and with a broad range of high technical qualifications, experience and competencies. Apart from proving academic and professional training excellences, the department also for many years has engaged itself in providing research and consultancy services within its specialization areas of Information Systems and Innovation, Software Architecture and Engineering, Embedded and Intelligent Systems, Networks and Cyber Security. Over the past 15 years, the department has undertaken various projects in the public sector from large scale software systems development, rolling out of software, development of training material, and conducting training in large and complex contexts such as health, water, agriculture, and road safety sectors and as the results received various awards from its contributions in solving societal problems/ challenges using ICT.

The Department offers various training programmes at different levels from Certificate, Diploma, degree, Masters to PhD levels in Computer Science, Information Systems Management, Health Informatics, Business IT, Computer and Systems Engineering disciplines. Our degree programmes help students become outstanding professionals, prepared to impact all manner of modern society through the application of cutting edge information technology. The theoretical and practical learning and teaching is provided using the available computing laboratories and infrastructure equipped with modern facilities connected to the reliable Internet connection at CoICT. The Department also participates in the national wide internship programmes to enable the students to gain experience from the industry. The students participate in the practical training internships where they are attached to work for many ICT companies in the country. The department encourages internships as a great complement to formal class learning. 

The quality of curricular and teaching of Bachelor degree programmes is evident by the fact that many of our graduates have become successful ICT entrepreneurs and others have successfully pursued MSc. and PhD training programmes at internationally recognized universities abroad and at home. 

CSE Background

Today, businesses, government and infrastructure are becoming more dependent on Information technologies. The power of information technologies has grown much more rapidly than the ability of organizations to apply and use this technology. The threat of unauthorized penetration or disruption of information systems has increased tremendously. Information systems are so essential to business, government, and daily life that organizations must take special step to develop capacity to ensure their security, accuracy, and reliability. Organizations also face various challenges in building and using information systems which include: obtaining business value from information systems; providing appropriate resources to use IT effectively; understanding the system requirements of a dynamic business environment; creating an IT infrastructure that is flexible enough to support changing organizational goals; and designing systems that they can control, understand, and use in a socially and ethically responsible manner. Therefore, graduates in computer science and engineering with the knowledge and understanding to deal with these challenges are required.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) offers various research-based and market driven programmes. Our key strength lies in the integration of fundamental theoretical ideas with practical applications, leading to a wide range of cross-disciplinary and collaborative challenge driven projects. The integration of information systems, computer engineering and computer science forms the core, with strong interactions that extend into other fields and domains.

Each year, top students are attracted to by the teaching excellence of the department, the breadth of educational opportunities, and our ICT learning environment. The department’s close ties to industry, coupled to its commitment to ICT research, innovation and education ensure that students get a rigorous, relevant, and broad education. Department members at UDSM are committed to research at the highest level, informed and creative teaching, and the creative desire to solve societal problems/challenge using ICT.

We are committed to the highest quality undergraduate and graduate classroom teaching and to developing strong high-impact research programmes to produce talented, well-rounded individuals in the discipline. I encourage you to look at our programmes to see some of the cutting-edge research in which we are involved. We hope that you will be visiting us very often.


“To become a leading center of excellence in training, research, innovation, and consultancy services in ICT for sustainable and inclusive development..”


“To advance the social, economic, and technological development of Tanzania and beyond through effective and excellent ICT teaching, research, innovation, and knowledge management.”