About the Programme

This is a  2-year postgraduate programme leading to the award of MSc. Information Systems Management. It provides students with ability  to identify how information systems can be applied to solve existing and new problems, and the ability to leverage technology to realize strategic opportunities and improve or reengineer organizational processes.  Through this programme, students are equipped with technical and scientific skills required to excel in the discipline of Information Systems management. The programme takes 2 years, and the coursework spans both of the two semesters of the first year as well as the first semester of the second year. The dissertation project starts in the first semester of the second year and runs throughout the second year.

The programme consists of courses that cover the following areas: systems management, systems modeling, systems development and implementation, systems security, ICT based entrepreneurship, and research methodology.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission into this programme, the student should satisfy the general University minimum requirements with the following additional requirements:

Direct Entry Qualification: An undergraduate degree in Information Systems Management or a related field from a recognized institution with at least a lower second class award (GPA of at least 2.7 out of 5).

Equivalent Entry Qualification: Advanced Diploma in relevant and respective field with at least lower second class award OR undergraduate degree with at least a pass in related field PLUS a Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant and respective field from a recognized institution certified by TCU with at least an upper second class award (GPA of at least 3.5 out of 5).

Fee Structure

Information on the most recent fee structure can be obtained through the office of Head of Department, or from the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, University of Dar es Salaam.

Application for Admission and Delivery Mode

Applications for admission into this programme can be submitted through the UDSM online postgraduate application system.

This programme is delivered through a face-to-face mode.

Completion Requirements

At the end of the programme, each student is required to have completed 164 credits of core courses (including 60 credits for dissertation work).

Core Courses

S/n Course Code Course Name Credits
1.  IS 605  Research methodology  12
2.  IS 620  Information Security and Risk Management  12
3.  IS 621  Strategic Management of IT  8
4.  IS 622  Enterprise systems and modeling  8
5.  IS 623  Information Systems Development and Implementation  12
6.  IS 624  Business Process Management  8
7.  IS 625  IT Projects and Change Management  12
8.  IS 626  ICT-based entrepreneurship  8
9.  IS 628  Emerging Web Technologies  8
10.  IS 631  Advanced Data Warehousing and Data Mining 8
11.  IS 699  Masters Dissertation  60
     Total Credits for Core Courses  156


Elective Courses

S/n Course Code Course Name Credits
1.  IS 611  Advanced Object Oriented Programming  12
2.  IS 627  Advanced Object Oriented Analysis and Design  12
3.  IS 629  Information Technology Services Management 8
4.  IS 630  e-Waste and Disposal Management  8
5.  IS 632  Computer law and Intellectual Property Rights  8
6.  IS 633  Mobile Software Development  12
7.  IS 641  Advanced Human Computer Interaction  12
8.  IS 646  Strategic Information Systems  12
     Minimum Credits Required  24

Department Level

Students develop their research proposals in their first year, as part of the course on research methodology. They then present them in their respective research groups and department for feedback and approval to higher levels. Dissertations/Theses follow the same process.

College Level

Proposals/Dissertations/Theses approved by the departments are further processed by the college. A proposal approved by the college means that a student can progress with their research, after obtaining appropriate clearance.

A dissertations/thesis approved by the college goes through the examination process whereby suitable internal and external examiners are identified for the same. Reports from both examiners are used to determine the candidate's fate.

University Level


Further information on university requirements and procedures for research students can be obtained from here.

Other Information

Information on  postponement, extension, freezing, and other PG guidelines can be obtained from the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, University of Dar es Salaam.