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Information systems and Innovation deals with ICT research and application in various sectors such as Health, Business, Water, Road safety, Agriculture, etc. Innovation is also an important emerging field. All businesses/organisations depend on ICT for better performance and to gain competitive advantage and innovation is needed to create new products and opportunities.

Research Areas

·    Information Systems (IS), Information Technology  (IT), and Organisations: Management IS; Management of IT-enabled organisational and social change;  Social, Political and Economic dimensions of IT; IT-Supported collaborative work in organisations; IS and  organisational change; Theories of socio-technical change and organisational governance; IS Infrastructure; Knowledge management 

·       Sustainable  and Open IT Innovation

·       Theories of Information Systems

·       Information Systems Architectures

·       Analysis and Design of Modern Information Systems

·       Languages and Methods for Modelling of Information Systems

·       Information Systems Process Optimization (Business process reengineering)

·       Information Systems  (performance) Evaluation and Integration

·       Distributed Systems /developments Vs. Globalisation

·       Design of Mobile and Distributed databases

·       Data management and Information Visualisation

·       Data warehousing, Data Mining and Information discovery

·       Information Systems Research Methodology 

·       Health Informatics


1. Prof. Nerey Mvungi

2. Dr Honest Kimaro


 Dr. Bagile, Mr Mndeme, Mr Mahundi, Ms Maro, Mr Bernad, Mr Hussein Lema, Dr Juma Lungo, Dr Koda, Mr. Hassan  Omary, Mr Jimmy Mbelwa, Mr. Ismail Koleleni, and Wilfred Senyoni

Group Information

The group conducts basic and applied research in different areas of software engineering, focusing on producing better approaches, techniques and tools to support the engineering and maintenance of effective, efficient and reliable software systems.

Research Areas

o   System analysis and design

o   Software Architecture

o   Software Performance Optimization

o   High level Programming

o   Mobile Application Development

o   Databases

o   Open source software design

o   Open software development  methodology

o   Requirement Engineering

o   System configuration management

o   Usability Engineering

o   Software modelling   


1. Dr Godfrey Justo 

2. Dr Juma Lungo


Dr. Bagile, Dr Kalinga, Dr. Simba, Mr Senyoni, Mr Abdil, Ms Tunga, Ms Rwegasira, Mr Kalisti, Mr Tumsifu Lema, Mr Mushi, Dr Honest Kimaro, Mr Kivais, Mr Leonard Peter

Group Information

The group conducts research in various aspects of embedded systems, as well as the application of AI and Machine Learning Algorithms in solving various computing problems.

Research Areas

o   Computer Architecture

o   Computer Design  and Performance

o   Embedded systems

o   Low level/Machine Programming


o   Mobile Computing

o   Pervasive Computing

o   Intelligent road networks

o   Artificial intelligence and Robotics

 o   Machine Learning


Dr Hamis Ndyetabura


Mr Ishengoma,  Dr. Meghji, Mr Nyamwihula, Mr Andegelile, Ms Kaijage, Mr Daudi, Mr. Anthony Kigombola, Wilfred Senyoni, Mr Jimmy Mbelwa 

Group Information

NCS technologies are undergoing rapid advancements. The last few years have experienced a steep growth in research on different aspects in these areas. Even though these areas hold great promise for our future, there are several challenges that need to be addressed. The common denominator for this research topic deals with different aspects of network and associated technologies that support seamless network operation. This includes multimedia technologies and cyber security. In addition, multimedia technologies and Cyber security are dealt on infrastructure based perspective rather that specific application.


Research Areas

Network and information security:

● Applied Cryptography

● E-government Security,

● Medical Record Security,

● Cloud Computing Security

● Mobile Systems Security,

● Network Forensics

● Privacy Policy enforcement Infrastructures for Pervasive Systems.

Distributed Networks:

● Network Protocol Design and Analysis

● Network Algorithms Design and Analysis

● Protocol Verification and Validation

● Network Architecture

● Network Programming

● Internetworking

● Mobile Computing

● Network Testing

● Network Management

Multimedia Technologies:

● Multimedia Signal Processing

● Digital Image Processing

● Video codecs

● Video transcoding

● Video/Multimedia quality metrics

● Video traffic (media) quality measurement

● Multimedia Quality of Service

● Multimedia Web Support Services


1. Dr. Kapis

2. Dr. Mbise


Dr Fatuma Simba, Dr. Meghji, Dr Justo, Mr. Kiobya, Mr Mwasita, Mr Peter, Mr Andegelile, Mr Kennedy, Mr Chambua, Mr Abdulla, Mr Nyamwihula, Mr Mushi, Mr. Aaron Kondoro, Mr. Orgenes Tumsifu, Mr. Deus C. Kapinga, Dr Hellen Maziku

Group Information

The group investigates different aspects of distance and blended learning, focusing on systems, tools and infrastructures that support e-learning.

Research Areas


  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Gamification
  • Mobile learning trends
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Pedagogy issues
  • e-Learning technologies
  • Cloud authoring


1. Dr Joel S. Mtebe

2. Dr. Fatuma Simba




Dr Lujara, Mr Munaku, Ms mbwilo, Dr Kalinga, Dr Simba, Mr Omary, Ms Vidate