Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The vision of the Department is derived from the College vision which is “to become a leading centre of excellence in training, research and consultancy in  Computer Sciences”.

Mission Statement 

The Mission statement of the department is to make Tanzania competitive in the field of Information and Communication Technology and to provide Tanzania with human resource trained in ICT


The department is subscribed to the following values, believing that they are necessary for fulfilling its mission and vision and make university life meaningful:

  1. Academic freedom: Department members and/or students should enjoy the right to express views, teach, and conduct research without fear of retribution or censure. 

  2. Diversity of students, staff, and administrators: Foster the rich variety of experiences, perspectives, and talents bestowed to the department as essential to our strength as a university community.

  3. Constructive and collaborative relationships: Collegial relations between and among all members of the university community are the cornerstones of academic life.

  4. Instruction designed to foster learning skills: The undergraduate and graduate curricula should help students develop lifelong learning skills enabling them to adapt to changing societal and career needs.  These include the ability to write clearly, speak effectively, think critically, solve problems creatively, work cooperatively, and use advanced technological tools proficiently.

  5. Instruction designed to encourage applied learning: Our students should graduate with the ability to apply knowledge and skills from their core education and disciplinary training in their lives, careers, and continuing education.

  6. Substantial department leadership in university affairs: Department members must be involved in setting university priorities, recruiting individuals to fill vacancies on the faculty and administration, and choosing faculty members to serve in such matters.

  7. Scholarship: The department should be supported in achieving excellence in their disciplines at the local, regional, and national levels and in publicising those accomplishments; the university and its reputation benefit greatly from such achievements.

  8. Public Service: Engage in activities to ameliorate social problems and furnish other services contributing to the welfare of the nation, the region, and the world.

  9. Ethical Conduct: Underlying each of the above values is a belief in fostering ethical behaviour in our students and modelling it in our own speech and actions.