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Dr Mathew Mndeme

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Dr Mathew Mndeme

Dr Mathew Mndeme is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at CoICT, and an ICT consultant registered by the ICT Commission of Tanzania. He is a Commonwealth Scholar holding a PhD in Digital Health Systems (University of Leeds, UK), an MPhil (Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands), an MSc in Health Informatics (UDSM), and a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics (UDSM). He has over 20 years of work experience in the field of ICT, both in the private and public sectors. As an academic, he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in information systems, management of ICT projects, research methodologies, and management of software projects. Also, he supervises several research students at the MSc and PhD levels. As an ICT systems consultant, he has worked with several non-governmental organisations, public institutions, and government departments to strengthen strategic ICT governance and management, implement information systems and other digital solutions, and improve data use. He has also provided technical support in developing national and institutional ICT management instruments such as ICT Policies, ICT Security Policies, ICT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans, ICT Paster Plans/ICT Strategies, ICT Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Enterprise Architecture. 

Dr Mndeme has rich leadership and management experience in leading implementations of ICT projects; organisational change management processes; working with donor-funded initiatives, and discharging coordination roles such as developing technical proposals, managing project funds, and preparing technical reports. Prior to joining UDSM in 2008, he worked as a department supervisor in an ICT company and as a Manager of the ICT Department in a faith-based organisation. At UDSM he has held different positions such as the coordinator of final-year projects and undergraduate students.  Currently, he is the CoICT undergraduate coordinator, CoICT UDASA Representative, Member of CoICT Board, and the CoICT Risk Champion. He has also led and has been a member of several special teams assigned by the UDSM management to develop ICT and other institutional management instruments. He was an instrumental member of a team which evaluated of ARIS3 software project and the financial and technical performance of UCC. At the national level, he has provided technical leadership in creating some of the e-government standards and guidelines and developing the first national e-Government Capability Maturity Framework. Recently, Dr Mndeme has been the secretary of a team of experts appointed to evaluate the structure, governance, and performance of the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) and provide recommendations for reforms. He is been involved in revising the National ICT Policy, developing the first National e-Government Policy under the President’s Office Public Service Management, and the first Tanzania Enterprise Architecture Framework under the Ministry of Information and ICT. He has also participated in writing and reviewing several ICT-related textbooks for O-level and A-level secondary schools in Tanzania.

Dr Mndeme has been involved in major ICT-related projects in Tanzania since 2009, notably, the national-wide implementation of the District Health Information System (DHIS2) as a National Health Information Management System database; and the implementation of Human Resources for Health Information System (HRHIS), a national database for managing the workforce in the health sector. Recently, he has participated in significant feasibility studies on the implementation of critical information systems such as the National DNA Database Systems; and has led a team of experts contracted to audit the performance of large and complex information systems. Dr Mndeme is one of the UDSM consultants leading the development of the National DNA Database System under the Government Chemist Laboratory Authority. 

Besides professional work, Mathew likes reading, writing, sharing social skills, and long driving. He is a qualified driver with both UK and Tanzanian driving licenses. He is a public speaker and engages in several social issues, such as training social skills, resolving conflicts, and providing counseling on issues around academic excellence, career development, personal and group relationships, youth, marriages, and family relationships.


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Teaching Responsibilities

Mathew has been involved in teaching several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in:

  1. Information Systems,
  2. Systems Analysis and Design,
  3. Health Information Systems,
  4. Research Methodologies,
  5. Implementation of ICT Projects,
  6. Change Management and Organisational Change
  7. Management of Software Projects

Supervision of Research Students
Currently, Mathew is supervising two PhD students:

  1. Mr Emmanuel Budugila – Research Topic: implementation effectiveness of information systems in selected public organisations in Tanzania (January 2020 – Present).

  2. Mr Eaton Lambert Okello – Implementations of electronic medical records systems in public health facilities in Uganda (February 2020 – Present)

Past and current research and consultancy projects involved

  1. Development of Health Information Systems Policy Guidelines, 2010 – 2011. Funded by WHO Tanzania Country Office. Role: Health Information Systems Expert and project team member.

  2. Sentinel Panel od Districts (SPD) Facility-based Information Systems, under Ifakara Health Institute. Role: Trainer of Trainers of the DHIS2 on data capturing, analysis and quality improvement.

  3. Improvement of Preventive Mother-to-Child HIV/AIDS Transmission (PMTCT) and STI data capturing and processing, under the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) and JICA through the customisation and implementation of DHIS2 software in selected regions. Role: Systems Analyst, Trainer, Software Customisation.

  4. Health Information Systems Programme (HISP) Tanzania team: a technical team provided technical support in the Health Information Systems strengthening initiative under the Ministry of Health and customisation and countrywide implementation of the DHIS2 software as the national HIS database (2009 – 2014): Funded by the University of Oslo, Norwegian Embassy in Tanzania, Global Fund, JICA, and other stakeholders in the health sector.

  5. Human Resources for Health Information Systems (HRHIS) Project under the Ministry of Health Tanzania and funded by JICA. HRHIS design and implementation to scale (2009 – 2014). Role: Systems Analyst, Trainer, and Assistant Project Coordinator.

  6. The research project on the use of ICT to improve road safety in Tanzania, funded by the Tanzania Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) (2014 – 2015). Roles: Team member. 

Leadership Responsibilities and Experience

  1. Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies, College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) - December 2021 - Present.

  2. Coordinator of Information Systems and Innovations Research Group at CoICT (January 2020 – Present).

  3. Coordinator of Undergraduate Studies and Quality Assurance – DoCSE (December 2020 – December 2021).

  4. Member of the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT) Board (December 2020 – Present).

  5. CoICT Representative in the UDSM Academic Staff Assembly (UDASA) Executive Committee (2020 – 2022).

  6. Regional Coordinator for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Scholars in the UK, North East England (2014- 2015).

  7. Assistant Project Coordinator, Human Resource for Health Information System (HRHIS) Project, 2010 – 2014).

  8. Assistant Project Coordinator, Health Information Systems Program (HISP), Tanzania team (2010 – 2012).

  9. ICT Coordinator and Change Management Leader – Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania Headquarters (2006 – 2007).

  10. Supervisor, Cable Network Department - Habari Note PLC (then AFAM LTD) (2002- 2003).

Contact information

Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
College of Information and Communication Technologies, 
University of Dar es Salaam,
CoICT Kijitonyama Campus, Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road,
P.O. Box 33335, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Email: mathewmndeme@udsm.ac.tz / mathewmndeme@gmail.com
Mobile: +255 (0) 788 835 883
Office Location: CoICT Block B, Ground Floor, Room# B009