Dr. Honest C. Kimaro

Head of Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is one of the core academic units of the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT). The department’s core mission is to provide quality teaching, research and public services (Consultancy) in its core disciplines of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems.[Read more]
To become a leading center of excellence in training, research, innovation, and consultancy services in ICT for sustainable and inclusive development.
To advance the social, economic, and technological development of Tanzania and beyond through effective and excellent ICT teaching, research, innovation, and knowledge management.

The Recently Introduced Postgraduate Programmes

The ongoing research and development on health information systems (HIS) including DHIS2 software implementation across different countries in Africa provides an arena for comparative case studies and sharing experience. The programme aims to address the gap, both knowledge and practical, between the areas of integrated health and modern information technologies in order to address local, national, and regional HIS needs in Africa. Visit Msc. Health Informatics
The power of ICT has grown much more rapidly than the ability of organizations to apply and use it. Organizations in Africa face various technical and organizational challenges in building and using secure information systems. Therefore, managers with proper knowledge and understanding of information systems management are required in Africa. Generally, the programme provides theoretical and practical knowledge with the broad perspective needed to implement and manage secure information systems. visit Msc. Information Systems Management
The drive to improve the economy of African countries depends on having reliable, efficient and affordable electrical power supply for industries, services and households. There are number of challenges in realizing a reliable power source due to management, monitoring and controlling challenges. This programme aims to build capacity in Smart Grid for electric power systems.Visit Msc. in Computer and IT Systems Engineering